Love Signs that shows a girl is secretly in love with boy

Signs that show a girl is secretly in love

That girl you just call a friend might be in love with you and you just do not know.
If she is doing the things given below, chances are that she is strongly in love with you already.


  1. She gets uncomfortable in front of you. Her hands get nervous, she starts playing with her hair or phone, with a pale indication of blushing, when you look at her while talking.
  2. Shows a lot of participation in your life, even more than your best friend and wants to know everything about you, the kind of bond you have with your parents, what you do when you are alone, how many girls you have dated, your real passion in life, your favorite movies.
  3. She tries to catch your courtesy by doing everything possible. She won’t take your calls one random day, she will ditch plans unexpectedly, and she will walk off from the group to take a walk alone when you are out with your mutual friends, she will sit alone at a party pretending she is really sad about something, hoping you will notice and give her some importance. Simple and easy ways to attract a Girl read here
  4. She is always the first one to wish you on your birthday. She will start spamming your Facebook wall one hour in advance and call you 2 minutes before it is 12 and talk to you for a good 15 minutes just to make sure nobody else has wished you before her.
  5. Will be too worried about you, more than what a friend usually is. Even if you have something as small as a common cold, she will accurately nurse, call you thrice a day just to see if you are fine.
  6. She gets hurt over reasons you do not even know, over things you do not even remember saying. It is because she expects you to love her back but cannot say it out. She is never bored of talking to you. She always tries to keep the talk going, no matter how. Whenever you think the talk is over, she will always have a new query for you.
  7. She looks at you in a different way than how other girls look at you. There is sexual tension in her eyes. Even when you are talking to someone else, her eyes are all for you.  You can almost see the attraction governing her every move.
  8. She is always trying to be with you, looking for moments when you are alone. When you are sitting in a corner sipping on your beer at a house party, she finds a socket nearby just so she can chat up with you at the excuse of charging her phone.
  1. she fights with you a lot. And yet, never really leaves you. She is always making mean, foul jokes on you, especially on your face. There is always a battle of understandings between the two of you.
  1. Sends you casual chat messages and claims it happened by mistake just to start a conversation in the middle of the night, while she really was just following you on Facebook and waiting for the green icon against your name to light up. She is always trying too hard to not look keen to talk to you.
  1. She gives too much significance to what you think of her. Others may critic her wrong and she would not give a damn, but she cares a lot about what you think of her. And if she does not like your attitude of her, she goes to every length to substantiate herself to you. She wants you to think the best about her and it is quite understandable with the way she is constantly trying to change your opinion.
  1. She is always the first one to respond to whatever thing you say, whatever you do. If you want a drink, she will go out of her way to make you one. She gives you way more significance than anyone else.

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