How to find if someone is lying and trying to make you fool

How to find if someone is lying and trying to make you fool

While talking to someone if you feel that maybe this person is lying then the talk becomes an uncomfortable experience. Recent research shows that understanding the process of human lie detection can enhance your ability to spot duplicity by 80 to 90%.

Once you recognize a person’s regular behavior, it’s much easier to spot out of attitude or body language. Often we miss some understated non-verbal indications that show that someone is trying to fool, us.

Read this Article to learn how to find out if someone is lying.

1.Strange behavior

If you are trying to identify if someone is lying, you’ll have to be a careful observer and a good listener yourself. Noticing a radical change in someone’s behavior is not all that difficult! If a normally peaceful person starts getting all nervous whenever a particular topic is brought up, you will get a non-verbal indication.

2. Share too many details

Lies are often inflating and you will easily figure out if someone is lying if you pay attention to what that person is telling. Usually, liars, have their story all figured out beforehand, they memorize it like a story so it would be a great idea to change the topic in between the conversation.

3. Clearing throat

If you want to know, if someone is lying on the phone then this is the perfect clue to help you out. Listen for the sound of throat clearing, pausing, speech hesitations, clearing throat, are all impede techniques which clearly indicate that an individual is lying.

4. Gulping down hard

Liars usually suffer from over or underproduction of saliva. Watch out for this cue, if someone is gulping down hard or seems to be in an increased need to drink water or moisten lips, then they are probably trying to lie.

5. Changing the subject of the conversation

Liars are well familiar with the fact that the longer their story is, the higher are the chances of others figuring out the truth, so they will always try to change the subject of the conversation. If you are trying to figure out, if someone is lying to you or not keep coming back to the previous topic and you will be able to determine if someone is lying or not.

6. Eye contact

It is a common perception that liars hesitate or feel guilty to look the other person in the eyes; however, it may not be true in all cases sometime people who are telling the truth may also break eye contact. In fact for this very reason, an individual who is lying is more probable to hold eye contact abnormally with you as he thinks if he breaks the eye contact then you might know that he is lying.

7. Gazing down

While lying most liars would avoid eye contact and bow their heads because they are feeling uncomfortable about the lie. It could be something as sensitive as pretending to find something in their bag. This type of dishonesty is connected with guilt and the liar starts to gaze down out of contrition.

8. Fake smile or hollow emotions

Fake smile and Hollow emotions can never be timed perfectly, either it will be held too long, or it will be so quick that it will appear to be super fake. Fake emotions are a good sign to tell if someone is trying to fool you.

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