Relationship issues – save your relationship from breakup

Relationship issues

Fronting a break up in a relationship may have an unlucky effect on the individuals. The extent of which may vary from person to person subject to the emotional state and strength of the individual. Some may be able to get out of rapidly and move on, while others find it different.


Many times a person who has to go through a failed relationship is wedged by surprise by his/her partner’s unexpected decision to leave. The reason may be various but he/she may be simply oblivious or maybe too late to distinguish and address it, by that time the harm was also done.

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Lack of communication

Many studies have acknowledged communication as one of the top reasons for the couple’s therapy, as well as one of the top reasons for breakup or divorce.

Relational Exploitatio

The repeated exploitation of an individual by Verbal, emotional, physical, sexual abuse. Excessive control and dominance.

Financial Issues

The lengthier a couple has been together in a devoted relationship, the greater the possibility of financial unsuitability. Differences over money are one of the top reasons for marital Money issues and clashes tap into some of our deepest emotional needs and fears, including and not limited to trust, safety, security, control, survival, etc.

No time for the relationship

In our life, we get so busy in our work that we incline to find a little time to spend with our loved ones. This move stealthily up a sense of carelessness within the partner and in the absence of dialogue, the personal issues that need attention and talk remain unattended and take a serious form later on.


Too much of stinginess can again cause damage to your relationship leading to your partner feeling certain and commanded.

It is important to understand that we all are common persons who need time for ourselves and time with our friends. You should provide liberal space to your partner so that he /she feels he has not lost freedom after getting into the relationship. By allowing a bit of individuality in a relationship, we help in preserving a healthy balance in the relation and escalate the time that we get to spend with our partner.


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